ROS tools

To create, modify, or work with packages, ROS gives us some tools for assistance:

  • rospack: This command is used to get information or find packages in the system.
  • roscreate-pkg: When you want to create a new package, use this command
  • rosmake: This command is used to compile a package
  • rosdep: This command installs system dependencies of a package
  • rxdeps: This command is used if you want to see the package dependencies as a graph

To move between the packages and their folders and files, ROS gives us a very useful package called rosbash, which provides some commands very similar to the Linux commands. The following are a few examples:

  • roscd: This command helps to change the directory
  • rosed: This command is used to edit a file
  • roscp: This command is used to copy a file from some package
  • rosd: This command lists the directories of a package
  • rosls: This command lists the files from a package