Initial setup

This tab is used to calibrate the attached hardware to Erle-Brain.

As it can be see in the image above, you could calibrate compass, accelerometers, radio control, set the flight modes in your rc and configurate the throttle and battery failsafe.

If you use an external compass, as the one that our GPS has, you can attach its DF13 4 pin conector to one of the I2C bus connectors, as it is said here.

Once you have connected the external compass, proceed to calibrate the device. In order to do so, click on Compass button and select APM with 3DR GPS/Compass option. In the box below, select Roll 180. Once you have done, it should look like:

Prefer a video? watch it here

In order to calibrate the three IMUs that Erle-Brain contains, you should click on Accel Calibration option. Once there, click on Calibrate Accelerometer box and follow the steps.

You can check this tutorial to know how to do it. Note: the APM is older, but the process is the same

Prefer a video? watch it here

The radio calibration consists on taking the maximum and minimum values of each radio channel. In addition, thanks to the calibration of the auxiliary channels, flight modes, failsafe, … can be configured.

Click on Radio Calibration menu, if you have your RC on, you should see something like:

If you have acquired a new radio or you have included new auxiliary channels (ch 5-8), radio calibration is recommended.

Note: Sometimes, even with the RC turned on, some of the channels are set to 0. To fix this, enter in Config/Tuning panel, Full parameter list menu and click in the Refresh button

To start the calibration process, press calibrate button and move all the sticks, switches and potentiometers to its minimum and maximum value.

Visit APM site for more info.