This submarine is a Linux-based smart underwater vehicle. Using PXFmini can be used for observation, exploration, Wreck discovery and documenting, Photography, videography...

This Submarine is ideal for underwater operations.


Feature Description
Dimensions 480 x 330 x 270 mm
Weight 6.30 Kg

Part name Description Note
PXFmini with Pi 2/3 or Erle-Brain 2 The brain of the Scuba. Were the autopilot is running. Controls the stabilization and other features of the vehicle With camera
Power Module The power module will power up the brain and give battery values to the autopilot The power module wiring is different for the PXFmini and Erle-Brain 2
4S battery The battery will power the brain and motors of the Scuba
BlueROV The main frame of the submarine, includes motors and all the necessary parts but not electronics
Depth/Pressure Sensor Can be used to know the Depth that actually is the submarine, necessary to the Depth Hold mode Optional
Ethernet cable Allows the communication between the submarine's brain and the Ground Control Station
Epoxy This glue is used to fill the cable injectors
Game pad Allows the control of the submarine from the Ground Control Station Such as 360 controller (tested) or Logitech F310
Laptop The system that will be used to control the submarine With Ethernet interface and QGroundControl software

  • Observation and exploration
  • Wreck discovery and documenting
  • Photography and videography
  • Boat and equipment inspection
  • Biological sampling and surveying
  • Underwater retrieval
  • Academic and research projects
  • ROV and AUV competitions
  • ...