Erle-Plane X1

X1-Plane is a Linux based smart fixed wing drone that uses robotic frameworks such as ROS (the Robot Operating System) and the award winning APM software autopilot to achieve different navigations modes.


Feature Description
Dimensions 400 * 600 mm
Weight 275 grams fully assembled (battery included)
Colour White

NOTE: As we can see in the video, the PID of the plane is very high and because of that, turbulence appear. All we need to do is reduce the proportional gain (Doing this we will reduce the amplitude of the wings and turbulence will drecrease).

Part name Suggested websites Note
PXFmini Erle Robotics Addons: Flashed microSD - Power module (JST GH) - WiFi 802.11ac USB dongle
Optional: microUSB to USB adapter for WiFi - GPS UBlox Neo 8M (For PXFmini) - Telemetry Radio
Raspberry Pi Zero Raspberrypi
X-1 Mini Flying Wing EPO Hobbyking
Radio controller
Battery Turnigy 1000mAh 3S 20C Hobbyking
Servos Turnigy TG9z Eco MicroServo Hobbyking
Motor Multistar Elite 2300KV Around 2300kv.
ESC Afro Race Spec Mini 20Amp Hobbyking If the ESC has a BEC you can power the PXFmini directly from it without using a Power Module


The microSD of the PXFmini should be configured. Request the latest image for your PXFmini or acquire a flashed one with your order to Erle-Robotics.

  • Set as a Plane

The easiest method is via HDMI with the Erle-Robotics User Interface.

  • Connect via network to APM

Connect via network to APM and load those Parameters for this Plane.

Changing the model of the servos could modify the behaviour of the wings and probably some parameters should be changed using APM to have a controlled fly.

Be careful with the propeller. Once the plane is ready to fly some precautions should be taken:

  • This plane is really light and you will probably have problems if you try to fly it in a really windy day.
  • Even though a lot of wind is dangerous for the plane, some wind is really usefull to sustain it. It is a good idea to launch the plane against the wind.
  • For beginners it is recommended to start flying in FBWA mode (It helps stabalizing the plane).
  • The center of gravity of the plane is really important. In the bottom of the wings there are 2 circles to help adjusting it. For more information about how to balance the weight you can enter HERE.
  • To balance the weight of the plane is better to move the components of it than adding extra death weight.