Chordata Quads

Material Notes
PXFmini Erle Robotics
Chordata Quads 115mm Chordata Quads
6 pin JST-GH cable Erle Robotics
4x motors RotorX_Rx1105_Micro_Motor_6500KV Hobbyking
Props CW and CCW RX2535W
4x ESC DYS 20Amp Micro Opto BLHeli Hobbyking
Radio Telemetry and Radio Controller
Battery Turnigy 1000mAh 4S 20C Lipo Hobbyking

The Chordata Quads Frame includes a small power module. The PXFmini needs a 5v input for working and the used ESC does not have BEC, this means that we can not use the ESC method to power the brain.

First, take a 6 pin JST-GH cable. Cut one of the ends of the cable and remove all the unnecessary cables (Only the ones located in the 1st and 6th position are necessary). Now you will need to solder the cable to the Power Module as show in the image.

In order to save space, solder the motors directly to the ESC and the ESC to the Power Module.

Screw the bottom base of the frame using some screw, the ESC and wires should be get hidden.

Use some tape to fix the cables is a secure way

Install the PXFmini and connect the ESC cables to it. Also connect the power cable from the power module and the Radio Telemetry. Refer to Getting Started of the PXFmini for more information.

Finally install the top base of the frame and secure the Radio Telemetry and its antennas.