This Boat is a Linux-based smart aquatic vehicle that uses robotic frameworks such as ROS (the Robot Operating System) and the award winning APM software autopilot to achieve different navigations modes.

This Boat is ideal for water operations.

Boat Setup
Boat Setup

Feature Description
Dimensions 520 * 330 mm
Weight 770 grams fully assembled (battery included)
Colour Yellow

Part name Note
PXFmini Addons: WiFi 802.11ac USB dongle
microUSB to USB adapter for WiFi
Flashed MicroSD
Power module (JST GH)
GPS UBlox Neo 8M (For PXFmini) - Optional / Improvement
Raspberry Pi Zero
HobbyKing Pod Racer Boat 520mm
Radio controller

The PXFmini should be configured. Request the latest image for your PXFmini or acquire a flashed one with your order to Erle Robotics

  • Set as a Erle-Rover

The easy method is via HDMI with the Erle Robotics User Interface

  • Connect via network to APM

Connect via network to APM and Load Parameters for this Boat

The ESC should be connect to the motor and to the PXFmini's PWM #3. The Servo, need to be connected to the PWM #1


Ensure everything is in place. Check that the motor and servo can move free.

Be careful with the propeller. A suggestion is to make the first test with this Boat in a controlled area.