If you do not feel like using RC or APM Planner to control Erle-Rover, you could control it thanks to the blocks we have created for this vehicle.

In order to make it work, you need Erle-Brain 3 latest image (first introduced in blanco).

Be sure you have the latest version, in order to have the latest blocks.

To use these blocks with your Erle-Rover connect to its WiFi network and type the following in a browser:

Additional information about Blockly can be found at our Blocky section.

The recommended block for interacting is the next one:

This block allows you to make Erle-Rovers basic movements using only one block.

Clicking on Directiontab, you can select the direction you want to move.

In Speedtab, you can select the speed which Erle-Rover moves.

Finally, you can add a math type constant block, in order to specify how many seconds you want to execute this command.