Flying Modes

There are several ways to flight Erle-Copter.

The ones that do not require GPS lock are:

  • Stabilize: allows you to fly your vehicle manually, but self-levels the roll and pitch axis.
  • Alt Hold: in this case, Erle-Copter maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be controlled normally.
  • Acro: this mode uses the RC sticks to control the angular velocity of the copter. It is useful for aerobatics such as flips or rolls.
  • Land: Land mode attempts to bring the copter straight down.

The ones that require GPS lock prior to takeoff are:

  • Loiter: Loiter mode automatically attempts to maintain the current location, heading and altitude. The pilot may fly the copter in Loiter mode as if it were in manual.
  • RTL (Return-to-Launch): the copter navigates from its current position to hover above the home position.
  • Auto: Erle-Copter will follow a pre-programmed mission script stored in the autopilot which is made up of navigation commands (i.e. waypoints) and “do” commands (i.e. commands that do not affect the location of the copter including triggering a camera shutter).
  • Guided: is a capability of Copter to dynamically guide the copter to a target location wirelessly using a telemetry radio module and ground station application.
  • Drift: allows the user to fly a multi-copter as if it were a plane with built in automatic coordinated turns.
  • PosHold: it is similar to Loiter in that the vehicle maintains a constant location, heading, and altitude but is generally more popular because the pilot stick inputs directly control the vehicle’s lean angle providing a more “natural” feel.
  • Follow Me: makes it possible for you to have your copter follow you as you move, using a telemetry radio and a ground station.
  • Circle: will orbit a point of interest with the nose of the vehicle pointed towards the center.

WARNING: remember that GPS has an error of ~5 meters, it needs direct line of sight of at least 6 satellites and the HDOP must be under 2.0 (APM gives you this information).

You can find more information about flying modes here