First Flight

Before proceding to the First Flight some prerequisites are neccesary:

Note: for a first flight we recommend to fly in the altitude hold mode.

These are the steps you should follow:

While the controller is turned off...

  • Remove the propellers.

  • Make sure you are in a safe space: people and buildings free area.

  • Turn on the copter by plugging the battery. Make sure your battery can't fall out. Use a Velcro Strap to hold it in place.

  • Wait for a minute, if everything is correct you should see the yellow and orange leds on, if not unplug and plug again the battery.

Turn on your transmitter and put the throttle stick at maximum. Turn off Erle-Brain 3.

Connect the Lipo battery. The autopilot’s red, blue and yellow LEDs will light up in a cyclical pattern. This means the it’s ready to go into ESC calibration mode the next time you plug it in.

With the transmitter throttle stick still high, disconnect and reconnect the battery.

The autopilot is now in ESC calibration mode. (On an APM you may notice the red and blue LEDs blinking alternatively on and off like a police car). Wait for your ESCs to emit the musical tone, the regular number of beeps indicating your battery’s cell count (i.e. 3 for 3S, 4 for 4S) and then an additional two beeps to indicate that the maximum throttle has been captured. Pull the transmitter’s throttle stick down to its minimum position.

The ESCs should then emit a long tone indicating that the minimum throttle has been captured and the calibration is complete. If the long tone indicating successful calibration was heard, the ESCs are “live” now and if you raise the throttle a bit they should spin. Test that the motors spin by raising the throttle a bit and then lowering it again. Set the throttle to minimum and disconnect the battery to exit ESC-calibration mode.

Check all the motors are well assembled and the rotation is correct.

Turn on the controller and...

  • Activate altitude hold mode: switch no. 5 up.
  • Activate the motors by holding the left stick (throttle) down-right until the motors spin.

  • Put the propellers.
Warning: these are just an example of self tighten props
  • Make sure that all the switches are down. Checkout this video to see how to arm and disarm Erle-Copter and how to switch between flying modes:
  • Now you're ready for takeoff! In a first flight we recommend to fly at a 2 meters altitude.
  • Arm the drone
  • Advance the throttle slowly and gain altitude by rising the left stick slightly above the center. When it takes enough altitude move the throttle to the middle (40% to 60%) in order to maintain that altitude.
  • Fly forward, backward, left, or right by moving the right stick in the direction you want to fly. Have fun!

  • Lower the left stick below center to descend.
  • After landing, hold the left stick down-left until the motors stop spinning.

Turn off the controller and...

  • Unplug the battery and remove the propellers.

  • When you turn on the controller remember to switch from stabilize to the altitude hold mode.