The plane needs some basic motors and servos in order to command it properly: One motor, two servos to command the ailerons, another servo for the rudder and a last servo for the elevator. This components are commanded using four PWM channels. In Erle-Plane you must connect:

  • Channel 1: Alierons.
  • Channel 2: Elevator.
  • Channel 3: Throttle.
  • Channel 4: Rudder.

Just connect this elements properly, schematically is in the next way:

Once you have mounted and connected Erle-Brain in the compartment that the plane has, make sure that is fixed properly. Right now, at Erle Robotics we are working in a system that tightens Erle-Brain to the plane. We have flight the plane using fluffy material. Check the next image in order to figure out how: