Flight modes

Erle-Plane has a wide range of built in flight modes. You can set them up by doing the following:

  • Turn on your RC transmitter.
  • Connect your board to Mission Planner or QGoundControl.
  • Go to Flight Modes screen.
  • Note as you move your transmitter’s flight mode switch (channel 5) the green highlight bar will move to a different position.
  • Use the drop-down on each line to select the flight mode for that switch position ensuring that at least one switch position is left assigned to Stabilize.
  • When finished press the “Save Modes” button.

  • Manual: regular RC control, no stabilization.
  • Stabilize: RC control with simple stabilization. If you let go of the sticks then Erle-Plane will level the plane.
  • Fly by Wire_A (FBWA): this is the most popular mode for assisted flying in Erle-Plane, and is the best mode for inexperienced flyers. In this mode Plane will hold the roll and pitch specified by the control sticks.
  • Fly by Wire_B (FBWB): the FBWB mode is similar to FLY BY WIRE_A (FBWA), but Plane will try to hold altitude as well.
  • AutoTune: the AUTOTUNE mode flies in the same way as FLY BY WIRE_A (FBWA), but it does automatic tuning of roll and pitch control gains.
  • Training: this mode is like training wheels on a bicycle and is ideal for teaching students manual R/C control.
  • Acro: ACRO (for acrobatic) is a mode for advanced users that provides rate based stabilization with attitude lock.
  • Cruise: cruise mode is a bit like FLY BY WIRE_B (FBWB), but it has “heading lock”. It is the ideal mode for longer distance FPV flight.
  • Auto: in AUTO mode the follow a mission (a set of GPS waypoints and other commands) set by your ground station configuration. When entering AUTO mode Plane will continue from whatever mission item it was last doing, unless you have reset the mission.
  • Return To Launch (RTL): in RTL mode the plane will return to launch point (the point where the plane first got a GPS lock) and loiter there until manual control is regained.
  • Loiter: in loiter mode the plane will circle around the point where you started the loiter, holding altitude at the altitude that you entered loiter in.
  • Circle: circle mode is similar to loiter, but doesn’t attempt to hold position.
  • Guided: the guided mode is used when you want the aircraft to fly to a specific point on the map without setting up a mission.

When flying an AUTO mission Plane has some sub-modes that are set using mission items. The two main sub-modes are TAKEOFF and LAND.

  • TakeOFF: the takeoff mission specifies a takeoff pitch and a target altitude.
  • Land: in this case the throttle and altitude is controlled by the autopilot.

For more info about fly modes, click here.