First Flight

Erle-HexaCopter is assembled and tested in our office. Please attach the screws provides and connect the ESC to the Erle-Brain 3 if they are not connected.

The Erle-HexaCopter is build and tested in our offices, but you will need to put the screws of the legs.

Note: for a first flight we recommend to fly in the altitude hold mode.

These are the steps you should follow:

While the controller is turned off...

  • Remove the propellers.

  • Make sure you are in a safe space: people and buildings free area.

  • Turn on the copter by plugging the battery. Make sure your battery can't fall out. Use the Velcro Strap to hold it in place.

  • Wait for a minute, if everything is correct you should see the yellow and orange LEDs on, if not unplug and plug again the battery.

Turn on the controller and...

  • Activate altitude hold mode: switch no. 5 up.
  • Arm the Erle-HexaCopter by holding the left stick (throttle) down-right until the motors spin.
  • Check that all the motors spin.

  • Once the Erle-HexaCopter is disarmed install the propellers

  • Now you're ready for takeoff! In a first flight we recommend to fly at a 2 meters altitude.

  • Arm the drone

  • Advance the throttle slowly and gain altitude by rising the left stick slightly above the center. When it takes enough altitude move the throttle to the middle (40% to 60%) in order to maintain that altitude.
  • Fly forward, backward, left, or right by moving the right stick in the direction you want to fly. Have fun!

  • Lower the left stick below center to descend.
  • After landing, hold the left stick down-left until the motors stop spinning.

Turn off the controller and...

  • Unplug the battery and remove the propellers.

  • When you turn on the controller remember to switch from stabilize to the altitude hold mode.