Erle-HexaCopter is the first Linux-based smart drone that uses robotic frameworks such as ROS (the RobotOperating System) and the award winning APM software autopilot to achieve different flight modes.

Erle-HexaCopter is ideal for outdoor operations and it has been designed for an extended flight time with a takeoff weight of up to 2 kilograms.

Feature Description
Diagonal Wheelbase 550 mm
Propellers 10×4.5, 9.4×4.3
Motor Stator size 22 x 12 mm (2212) and KV: 920 rpm/V
Takeoff weight Up to 2 kg
ESC Signal Frequency range 30Hz – 450Hz, support 3S-4S battery
Flight time ~20-30 minutes with a 5000 mAh battery
Weight ~ 1000 grams (depends on the additions)

It is really easy to mount Erle-HexaCopter you just have to follow some steps! The way to build it is the same as the Erle-Copter. The legs and gimbal mounting steps are available here.

The Erle-HexaCopter is very similar to the Erle-Copter, but with two more motors. This allows to get more payload (about 2 kilograms), be more stable and get more speed.

  • It is advisable to install some fiberglass legs if you use a gimbal.
  • If you use a 2-axis gimbal, you will need a 9 channels RC to control both axis. With the 6 channel RC you only can control one of the axis.
  • You will need a 4S LiPo battery charger/balancer for the extra 4S batteries.
Note: numbers of the engines: