Getting started

In the following video explained how to solder the PXFmini to a Raspberry Pi Zero:

Insert the SD on your PC / laptop

Download the OS and follow the instructions of the following links.

First, you need three things, a mouse, a screen and feed the PXFmini.

The first time you connect the mini PC with a screen, you will see a desktop.

You will need to give Internet to the mini PC, open a terminal and install the binary of your desired vehicle. Refer to Install Binaries to select your vehicle.

If you are using Escarlata OS version you only need to click the desired vehicle.

After selecting the desired vehicle PXFmini configures itself and is ready to fly, roll, walk ...

If you need to change the PXFmini configuration, just introduce erle-reset in the prompt and everything will be restored to its initial state.