Getting Started

In order to start using Docker with Erle-Brain 3 you need the last version of the Operatig System from Erle Robotics. Refer to Getting Started with Erle-Brain 3 for more information.

There are some commands of Docker that you might want know:

  • docker ps shows running containers.
  • docker run creates and starts a container in one operation.
  • docker rm deletes a container.
  • docker start starts a container so it is running.
  • docker stop stops a running container.
  • docker restart stops and starts a container.
  • docker pause pauses a running container, "freezing" it in place.
  • docker unpause will unpause a running container.
  • docker kill sends a SIGKILL to a running container.

Start a container can be performed with the next command:

docker run [container-name]