Advanced configuration

By default, Debian image has a service which consists on running the autopilot endelessly. If you execute the command top, you'll see the next tasks are running:

Where ArduCopter.elf and are part of that service.

If you wish to stop the APM Autopilot, execute:

sudo systemctl stop apm.service

If you wish to start the APM Autopilot, please execute:

sudo systemctl start apm.service

If you wish to disable the APM Autopilot service, meaning that will not execute on boot any longer, please execute:

sudo systemctl disable apm.service

If you wish to enable the APM Autopilot service, meaning that will execute on boot, please execute:

sudo systemctl enable apm.service

If you wish to check the status/obtain info about the APM Autopilot service, please execute:

sudo systemctl status apm.service

The autopilot is launched by a script that is located at home (/~/) that is called Editing this file, you could select how to execute the autopilot and which vehicle's autopilot you wan to execute:

./<executable_name.elf> -A <primary_telemetry_port> -B <GPS_port> -C <secondary_telemetry_port>

If you wish changed the vehicle needed change the script. For example, for the rover with WiFi and GPS:

$APM_BIN_DIR/APMrover2.elf -A udp: -B /dev/ttyAMA0 $FLAG

Note: Notice: ROS has been included, but is disabled.

If you want to activate, execute the following:

sudo systemctl enable ros.service

To connect your Erle-Brain 3 from a different IP, change the IP of the ~/apm.shscript, for example:

$APM_BIN_DIR/APMrover2.elf -A udp:$wifi -B /dev/ttyS0 $FLAGS

For this:

$APM_BIN_DIR/APMrover2.elf -A udp: -B /dev/ttyS0 $FLAGS

Change the, for the IP of your computer.