Anti-Vibration System

As you all know the vibrations are enemy of the autopilots, especially in case of copters, Erle-Copter and HexaCopter. Erle Robotics has designed an anti-vibration system that minimizes them, archiving a stable and safe flight. The antivibration system has been designed for an our new autopilot, Erle-Brain 3. It attaches easily to Erle-Brain 3 by 4 screws. Then you can fix it to yout frame using two pieces of adhesive foam (included), so it is a very versatile design as it can be placed in any frame. Here you can see the fly log:

X and Y axis need be between +3 and -3. The graph shows does not exceed 1.

Y axis need be beetween +15 and -15.

The graph shows, the desire altitute and read altitute is almost the same.