Working under Linux

Some people may want to develop under a Linux computer due to its convenience and also because is faster to cross-compile and after deploy binaries into the board.

In order to compile the sources to get a executable to run into Erle-Brain, you need to cross-compile. That means you need a compiler that can create proper executables for ARM processor that Erle-Brain has within.

Install the gcc compiler:

sudo apt-get install gawk gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf

Once you have installed gcc, just cross-compile the code.

First get git:

apt-get install git

secondly, clone repository:

git clone

Get into one of the vehicles folder and run:

cd ardupilot/Ardu<vehicle>
make pxf -j4
# -j4 is a parameter to refer how may cores
#we want to use to compile the code

Finally, copy the binary. The compilation is deployed under /tmp folder

#Copy ArduCopter
scp ArduCopter.elf root@
#Copy ArduRover
scp ArduRover.elf root@
#Copy ArduPlane
scp ArduPlane.elf root@

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