You will need to install PuTTY under Windows as very first step.

Using WiFi

Make sure that your laptop/phone/tablet/... has 5 GHz support. You should look for 802.11 ac support.

Connect to WiFi network, Erle-Brain creates a network called "erle-". The password for the network is "holaerle".

Open PuTTY amd in Connection type, select SSH. Now configure the ipand write down and click connect.

Through mini USB

Connect Erle-Brain into your computer using the mini-USB cable (as in the image above) and install the drivers. In Control panel–>Prints and devices you will see the following:

Select your local area network connection.

Configure IPV4 protocol under properties:

Double click here, and this screen will appear, copy this configuration:

Check the port number that Erle-Brain has been assigned:

Launch PuTTY, and select serial mode, write down serial port number and 115200baud speed:

Then, press open and type root under login if you are using Debian. If you are using Snappy, log under ubuntu, the password is also ubuntu.