Erle-brain is an open hardware and open source Linux-based artificial brain to make drones and robots. It consists of a BeagleBone Black and a PixHawk Fire Cape. It includes anti-bumping and o-rign based attachement system. In the software side, comes with a SD that contains Snappy Ubuntu Core, ROS preinstalled and the latest ready to fly code.


Erle-Brain has the next characteristics:

  • 4 GB eMMC and microSD card capable
  • Cortex-A8 @ 1 GHz
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 10x PWM outputs
  • RC Input using either PPM-SUM or S.Bus
  • 1x USB Host
  • Power: DF13 Power Module connector, miniUSB power + data connector
  • 1x UART, 3x I2C, 1x Buzzer connector, 1x Failsafe connector

The hardware has many more peripherals and we are working hard to bring them out.

To acquire the board visit erlerobotics store