Electro permanent magnet

An EPM is an Electro Permanent Magnet, combining the advantages of electro and permanent magnets. This Device comes with integrated electronics that can be operated with 5V PWM signal common on RC electronics. The device is designed to hold 1kg of cargo. It is the users responsability to verify that this can be achieved in each particular case.

  • 5V Vcc
  • PWM signal
  • Minimal steady state power <1mW
  • Water resistant conformal coating
  • 300ms Cycle times
  • On board Pic12F with source code and in-circuit programming header

Use one of the available PWMs in Erle-Brain to attach EPM. For example, when you are using a Erle-Copter the available PWM are from PWM5 to PWM12, using a Erle-HexaCopter from PWM7 to PWM12 or using a Erle-Rover PWM 2 and from PWM4 to PWM12.

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First assemble the EPM support structure:

Now, mount the protection case to the structure:

You only need to configure the APM autopilot in order to use EPM.

Checkout the next video to see how it works under Erle-Brain!

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